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Daniele Veronesi, born in Milan in 1981, received his initial training at the Accademia di Brera, where he honed both his artistic and technical skills. He later earned a Master’s degree in Color Design & Technology from the Politecnico di Milano.

His passion for art and architecture, combined with his experience in design, has become the cornerstone of his work. As a multidisciplinary designer, his career spans from creatively conceiving tailor-made concepts to the technical development of projects at every stage.

With his solid background in multidisciplinary work and a consistently receptive mindset, he oversees the realization of each project from planning to execution to setup.

His expertise is rooted in the duality of traditional craftsmanship techniques and new technologies, which together bring the clients’ vision to life.

Currently, Daniele collaborates with prominent designers and fashion brands for events, advertising campaigns, digital projects, and editorial endeavors worldwide. He has contributed to various artistic productions in the realms of fashion, video clips, short films, and commercials, serving as a set designer, production designer, and window designer.